Draw Near to God: Meeting God with Reverence and Awe

Series: Draw Near to God


Exodus 19:3–4
Exodus 19:5–6

Israel Meets Jehovah
Exodus 3:12
Four prerequisites for meeting God: 
Willingness to obey (Exodus 19:3–8).
A commitment to listen (Exodus 19:9).
Consecration (Exodus 19:10–15).
Respect for God’s boundaries (Exodus 19:12–13).
The rest of the story…
Exodus 19:16–25
A healthy fear (Exodus 20:18–21).
The Law delivered (Exodus 24:12–18).
What we learn…
Meeting God is a priority.
We must meet God through His Word. 
We must be prepared to meet God.
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