2011 Annual Focus - Draw Near To God

Series: Draw Near to God


2010 Goals
Improve the quality of assemblies. 
Maintain Sunday evening attendance return at 80% and increase Wednesday return percentage to 80%. 
2010 Sunday Evenings: 78%
2010 Wednesday Nights: 71%
2010 Goals
Add Five Teachers.
2010 Teacher additions: 12
Baptism Goal of 15
2010 Baptisms: 17
2010 Restorations: 11
2010 Goals
Mentoring Program
Second internship with Tom Morris. 
2010 Supported Evangelists
Terry Francis
Doug Seaton
Jesse Guerrero 
Fernando Venegas
Adolpho Cepeda
Ionut Corlan
Nicolae Cirnaru 
Nelu Stanciulescu
One time support:
Tom Morris
Frederic Gray
Nelu Ungureaun
Constantin Stanciulescu
2010 Financial Report
Annual Contribution
Weekly Contribution
2010 Expenses
2010 Expense
2010 Expenses
2011 Budget
Budgeted Contribution
Weekly: $7,200.00	
Budget Expenses
2011 Goals
Assemble with a heart set on the desire to worship God. 
Return attendance percentage of 80% for Sunday night and 80% for Wednesday night. 
Add five new teachers. 
2011 Goals
Increase involvement in group meetings. 
Fifteen baptisms.
Provide more training opportunities. 
2011 FOCUS
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