The Needs of Marriage

Series: Shawn Bain October 2009

The Needs of Marriage 
- 1 Cor 12:20-25 
The Needs of Marriage 
“I have no need of you” (v.21) 
What needs did God intend a marriage to fulfill? 
Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Physical, Relational, etc. 
 Our Need For God 
The desire to be intimate with Him 
We are never unfulfilled with God 
(2 Peter 1:3; Matt 6:33,34;Rom 8:35-39; 5:8; Eph 2:10; Ecc 12:13) 
In Christ, we are full (Col 2:9,10) 
God provides above “all that we ask or think”
(Eph 3:20) Psalm 107:8,9 
The Need In the Beginning 
To fulfill man’s “aloneness” (Gen 2:18-20) 
The word “alone” means “bad” 
The word “alone” also means “besides, a part..” 
God created woman as a perfect match (v.23) 
The Need In the Beginning 
God created man with a NEED for intimacy 
Intimacy is the "process in which two caring people share as 
freely as possible in the exchange of feelings, thoughts and 
actions...marked by a mutual sense of acceptance, commitment, 
tenderness and trust." 

Compare the words 
“I Love You” To “I Need You” 
Ways you NEED each other… 
For a balanced and truthful viewpoint of yourself. (Gal 6:1) 
Believe in you when others don't and you can‘t (Rom 12:3-6) 
Multiply your joys, divide your sorrows
(1 Cor 12:25,26; Gal 6:2) 
To raise spiritually and physically healthy children (Eph 6:2-4) 
For a FULL color view of life (Ecc 12:13) 
Why Is the Need Lost? 
Satan blinds, hides, and deceives 
(2 Cor 11:14,15; Eph 1:17,18) 
Similarity to the rich man (Matt 19:16-24) 
We have been distracted and diversions arise… 
Why Is the Need Lost? 
Three areas of diversions 
A thing 
A person 
An emotional need.. 
Why Is the Need Lost? 
Needs in marriage are viewed differently… 
Communication is the key to knowledge of one another’s needs (Eph 4)… 

Your assignment… 
List 5 ways you need your spouse and share your list with each other 

“I Need You”

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