Faithbook: Judas The Traitor

Matthew 26:47–48 
Matthew 26:49–50 

Three Facts About Judas: 
Judas was not a monster, he was a man. 
Judas was a disciple. 
Judas was a friend. 
Why did Judas become a traitor? 
Mark 14:10–11, Matthew 26:24, John 6:70 
John 12:1–6 
Judas’ problem was greed. 
Matthew 26:14–16, Luke 22:3–4 
Judas’ end. 
Matthew 27:3–5 
The words of three men: 
Peter (Acts 1:25). 
Jesus (John 17:12). 
Judas (Matthew 27:4). 
What do we learn? 
Becoming a disciple is the beginning of the journey. 
Satan works subtly. 
We cannot serve God and money. 
Confess your trespasses to one another. 
Turn to God to help.

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