What Every Marriage Needs

Series: Mark Broyles January 2008

What Is The Goal Of Marriage?
What Is Its Main Purpose? To Glorify God!
What Is In It For Me? 
Happiness Is Not The Goal
Holiness Is The Goal

Marriage Teaches Us About God - - And About Our Relationship With Him!

What Marriage Teaches
Marriage Teaches Us To Forgive!
Marriage Is The Union Of Two Sinful People.
Sinful People Wound Each Other.

One Of The Primary Goals Of Marriage Must Be To Forgive – The Problem Is That Forgiveness Is Difficult!
Forgiving Like God Forgives
Don’t Confuse Your Feelings With Your Will
You can’t allow your feelings to control you. Proverbs 14:12 Proverbs 28:26
Don’t Live In The Past
You Can’t Focus On The Past And The Present Simultaneously Philippians 3:13
Forgiving Like God Forgives
Forgiveness Is A Matter Of Choice
Jesus Chose To Forgive Luke 23:34

Forgiveness Will Cost You
It Costs Jesus His Life Matthew 20:28

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