Helpful Links

Helpful Links

The following links are provided as helpful resources that can be found on the internet. We would remind you that clicking on any of these links will take you away from the East Shelby Church of Christ website. This means that we cannot verify all of the items and issues discussed on these sites. Please remember that it is your responsibility to work out your own salvation (Philippians 2:12–13). We would encourage you to search the scriptures to ensure the things you read are true (Acts 17:11).

Online Bible Resources

  • E-Sword: E-Sword is downloadable software that is free and provides dictionaries, commentaries, and numerous translations.
  • Bible Gateway: Bible Gateway is a web-based bible program that allows you to search different translations and resources free of charge.
  • The Interactive Bible: This website has an enormous amount of information related to bible study.

Church Location

  • Find The Church: Find The Church was started by one of the members at the East Shelby Church of Christ due to the difficulty of finding churches during his time as an over-the-road truck driver. Find The Church allows you to search by state and provides good directions as well as links to the churches' websites.

Bible Class Curriculum

  • Shaping Hearts for God: We currently use the "Shaping Hearts for God" curriculum for our classes up to sixth grade.
  • Get Them Talking: Our Junior High and Senior High students use David Banning's "Get Them Talking" material.
  • Courageous Living: We have used several of Wilson Adams' "Courageous Living" material in our adult classes.

Religious Book Stores