How Simple Evangelism Can Be . . .

This week we are going to take a break from our regularly scheduled “Meet the Flock.” As many of you know, we had an “evangelism workshop” on Wednesday evening. During this hour, we spent some time examining the reasons we are hesitant to invite others to worship or to Bible studies. We also spent some time learning how the relationships God has placed in our lives are there so that we might make an eternal difference in their lives. We should be “affectionately desirous” for their salvation (cf. 1 Thessalonians 2.8). We should long to have them join us in heaven and continue our loving relationship for eternity. We also talked about how sharing the Gospel can sometimes be as simple as sharing our own experience with others, talking about what made us want to become a Christian, or even helping them see the meaning of a single verse. 

During the workshop, by means of an illustration, we ­talked about the meaning of 1 Peter 3.21, which says, “Baptism, which corresponds to this, now saves you, not as a removal of dirt from the body but as an appeal to God for a good conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.” We mentioned that this verse makes it clear that baptism is necessary for salvation. This verse explains that baptism is an action we pursue because we need salvation and that those who believe they are already saved are not being ­baptized like Peter explains in this verse. We discussed briefly that baptism is necessary for someone who is ­appealing to God to clear their conscience because they are bothered deep inside regarding their sin, guilt, or broken relationship with God. 

After the class, we had a baptism. Matthew Kirk decided to be baptized because he could not honestly pinpoint what it was that made him be baptized in the past. When we examined 1 Peter 3.21, he realized that his baptism was not what Peter was speaking about in this passage. He admitted that while he had been living a moral life, he had no confidence in his relationship with God because he wasn’t sure he had ever truly committed to God on God’s terms. 

The point of this article is not to focus on our new brother in Christ, but to focus on the power of one, single verse. Often, we think that teaching others the Gospel is difficult. We treat it as the insurmountable task reserved for only the trained. We act as if evangelism is something for the spiritually elite. The reality is quite different. Evangelism is something for everyone. Everyone can do it. Everyone needs to hear the message. God made it simple on

So this week, I want to issue you a challenge. Choose a verse to share with everyone. Write it down and hand it out to others. Send it out as an email. Text it to everyone in your contact list. Better yet, share a different verse you love each day. Then invite these people to talk about the Bible with you. You never know what God’s going to do through our efforts. 

Here are a few verses you might want to try. 

Luke 19:10 • John 14:6 • Acts 4:12 • Romans 3:23 • Romans 8:38-39 • 1 Timothy 1:5 • 1 Peter 3:21

(Example text: Hey. Because I love you, I want to share an important verse with you. [Text of verse and reference]. If you ever want to talk about the Bible or learn more about God, let me know!)