The Real Fireworks

The Fourth of July has always had a special place in my heart. I love history, especially revolutionary American history, so I have always loved the story of America’s Independence Day. I appreciate so many who have sacrificed over the past two centuries to maintain that freedom. I love the country we live in, its beauty, its diversity, and its bounty.

With this kind of love for Independence Day and all it represents, I always enjoy the fireworks. Every year, I look forward to the amazing fireworks all day long. There is something amazing about the brilliant display of color. The feeling of the bass percussion blast hitting you in the chest is unlike any other feeling. The patriotic music playing the background stirs the soul while the visual display of lights blinds the eyes. Fireworks are merely gunpowder and chemicals, but they are often creative and always brilliant.

This past week, we had a pleasure of shooting off some small fireworks in the driveway. Having small children, we did this early. As we finished our own pile of firecrackers, bottle rockets, jumping jacks, and flaming candles, we started to hear other people’s fireworks. Looking up, while our small bottle rockets popped in the sky, we saw large fiery blossoms explode.  Luckily, we are surrounded in our neighborhood with others who love fireworks. As the sun went down, we took our chairs in the backyard and sat down seeing huge fireworks all the way around us. It was wonderful!

The thing that amazed me most though was the storm in the east. While neighbors lit fireworks of red, blue, and gold, a storm to the east was brewing and there was lightning ripping the sky apart. It was a brilliant display of God’s power.

The fireworks were beautiful, but the lightning was awe-inspiring. The fireworks were loud, but quick. The thunder was low, long, and rumbling. The fireworks were quickly burned up but the lightning went on for a long time. It was great to be reminded that no matter how dangerous man-made fireworks can be, they pale in comparison to the power, majesty, and brilliance of God’s creation.

This reminds us to remember our Creator. Remember He is the God who controls lightning and thunder. He is the God who controls the winds and the waves. He is the God who speaks to us through Scripture.

At this also my heart trembles and leaps out of its place. Keep listening to the thunder of His voice and the ­rumbling that comes from His mouth. Under the whole heaven He lets it go, and His lightning to the corners of the earth. After it His voice roars; He thunders with His majestic voice, and He does not restrain the lightnings when His voice is heard. God thunders wondrously with His voice; He does great things that we cannot ­comprehend.” (Job 37.1-5)