What is your will?

Recently, a horrific scene unfolded. A young man was planning on taking his life. As he contemplated that, he posted pictures and made comments on social media. In that discussion, his mother reached out to him. Her words may shock you…

I really didn’t realize how sick you are, but you are in God’s hands, and if you succeed, then it was God’s will because He is in control of everything.

The young man shared his mother’s comments and said, “Do you see all see this? My mother said if I do it was God’s will… It’s my will, and if I don’t do it then it’s my will.” She responded again…

When you’re gone, you will find out there is a God. I’m just so thankful to Him that you are his child and you can never change that no matter how much you claim to be an atheist… Not matter what you do… you will always be God’s child.

There is no doubt the story is terrifying and sad. The good news is that the young man did not take his life. I don’t know anything else following his willingness to forgo his suicide attempt. I am certainly grateful that to my knowledge he is still alive.

This mother was willing to allow her son to take his life without intervening, because she is convinced if he was ­successful, it was what God wanted. She also ­believes that her son can never change the fact that he at one time was a believer, and, therefore, is saved eternally ­despite his allegiance to atheism.

Joshua told the children of Israel to choose who they would serve (Joshua 24:14–15). God had already ­selected Israel to be His “chosen people.” They had ­already been designated as His children. Yet, they sti­ll had to make a choice.

Man is allowed the freedom to choose. That freedom to choose God—or not choose Him—is given to all. No one is held captive against his or her will in service to God. Free will is available prior to salvation as well as afterwards.

In 2 Peter 2:17–22, Peter says there are some who have come to know Christ but return to the world. He says it would have been better for them to never have known righteousness than to turn back. Peter’s words are clear. These people knew God and served Him but then later chose not to. They had the ability to choose.

God wants you to be saved (1 Timothy 2:3–4). But you must daily choose to walk in with God. It’s a choice you must make. It must be your will to serve Him.
What choice will you make?