April Fool’s Day

Yesterday, March 31st, was my birthday. I got to see family I haven’t seen in a long time. I had probably 40 people sing Happy Birthday to me over the course of the day. My wife cooked some of my favorite food and made Kim Hurt’s famous strawberry cake for me. It was a wonderful day. I don’t know who said it, but I recently read a quote that says, “The number one cause of death is too many birthdays.” This is true! All of us will eventually succumb to the fatal quantity of birthdays. We will find our demise in a number of days. There is no telling how many birthdays we will get to enjoy, eventually we will run out of them. We will find that we are no more.

That is why today is also important. As I write this article, today is April 1st. This is celebrated as April Fool’s Day. This day has also been labeled “National Atheist’s Day.” This probably began as a joke, but it is scriptural.

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds,there is none who does good (Psalm 14.1).

This same idea is repeated in Psalm 53.1. God says that someone who cannot look in the world and see his handiwork is a fool (cf. Psalm 19). God says that someone who cannot believe there is a God after seeing all of the proof in the world is a fool (cf. Romans 1.20). God says that someone who cannot praise his name as the world declares it is a fool (cf. Psalm 8).

The fool says, “There is no God.” It is often written by atheists that if God wanted us to believe in Him, He would make it obvious that He exists. The problem with their argument is that God has made it abundantly clear that He exists, that He is eternal, and that He is powerful. He is also creative, intelligent, good, moral, and amazing. He is also the holder and container of truth. What is amazing about all of the attributes of God is that all of these attributes can be proven without ever even opening the Bible. If you have never heard these explanations of God, get together with me and I’ll walk you through them.

Not only can you prove God’s existence by observing nature, but the Bible itself does have many proofs for God’s existence. Looking through the amazing prophecies that came true, revealed by God long before they came true, prove that the author of the Bible knew the future as only a God could know it. The Bible also has many amazing historical truths that we continually dig up through archaeology. Over and over again, the Bible proves there is a God.

An atheist can argue that God has not revealed Himself but ultimately, they are choosing to not believe the evidence God has given. They are giving up the hope that is found only with God. They are choosing to not believe in heaven and spiritual rewards. They are foolish for making such a foolish choice. Do not be a fool! Do not find your celebration on April 1st. And if you really want to celebrate something, you can choose to celebrate March 31st with me next year!