Our Unique Jesus

There are certain unique facts about ­Jesus we all clearly recognize. He was born of a virgin. He did miracles. He was the Son of God. He died on a cross and later ­resurrected from the dead. There are ­several other unique facts about Jesus that can challenge our thinking.

Jesus proves His deity. Of all of the people through history who have claimed to be gods, men like Nebuchadnezzar, Pharaohs, and men of renown, Jesus is the only one who can back up His claim with reason and proof. Those men made their claims based solely on their man-given ­authority. ­Because their subjects lifted them up as gods, they accepted such status. Those men were born into positions of power or gained it by military might. Jesus went about His claim to deity in a much ­different way. His birth was announced hundreds of years before He was born, and details were given identifying Him as unique and humble. His character was understood by prophecy ­before He developed a human personality. His work was not militaristic, but ­ministerial. He did not exalt Himself, not did He need to. Jesus was announced as Christ before He was born. His life proved His claim as He fulfilled every prophecy made about Him. His claim to deity was not bombastic, pompous, or self-exalting. Rather, His humility identified Him with His Father. Of all who claimed to be God, Jesus’ is the only one who could actually prove His claim.

Jesus divided history. This takes a ­remarkable man. Because Jesus is so ­influential, so pivotal to the story of ­mankind, He uniquely qualifies to be the dividing point in our history. We refer to events as happening before Jesus (B.C., or B.C.E.) or as happening after Jesus (A.D. or C.E.). No matter what you call it, the ­changing point in our history timeline is the life of Jesus. Jesus changed everything.

Jesus lived before He lived on earth. No other person preexisted his existence on earth. Jesus did. John tells his followers that Jesus lived before John, yet John was older (John 1.27). Jesus also claims to have existed before Abraham (John 8.58). He is unique among all creation in that He existed before He lived on earth.

Jesus did not come to earth to live, but to die. This is remarkable because no other man in history came for this purpose or is ­remembered as much for this event. Jesus did not come to this earth to live a good life, although He certainly did this very thing. Biographies tells the story of a life well-lived. While our history books are full of stories of men who died, it is their lives that are ­remembered. Jesus is different. He came for the purpose of dying. He came because He needed to live a sinless life so that He could die as our redeeming sacrifice. He says, “For this reason I have come” (John 12.27).

Jesus’ death gave hope. Not only is this His purpose, but also it is the moment of His life that so drastically changed our own lives. His death is the reason we live. His death is the source of our hope and the sacrifice that makes our salvation possible. While death is inevitable for us all, His death takes away the sting of our own (cf. 1 Cor 15.50-58). Many in history have had remarkable and brave deaths, worth reading about and ­remembering. Jesus’ death was more than remarkable. Jesus’ death is a necessary, life changing event for each of us.

Jesus’ resurrection was complete. Several people through history have come back to life. Elijah and Elisha revived people from death. Ezekiel saw a whole valley of people who bones were brought together and given new life. The apostles and Jesus ­Himself brought people back from the dead, ­including notably Lazarus. Each of these resurrected people eventually died again, because their resurrection was not a final and complete resurrection. Jesus’ revival was final. Jesus rose from the dead to never die again. He still lives in heaven. Jesus’ resurrection was unique among all resurrections.

Jesus is unique among all humans who have ever lived. He is worthy to be praised today as we join in songs. He is to be ­remembered for how amazing He is as we share ­communion. He is King of kings and Lord of lords. He is our God!