Be a Hero

What is a hero? Every generation has its fictional heroes. Whether it’s the Lone Ranger, Superman, Luke Skywalker, or Rey and Finn from new Star Wars. These fictional characters inspire each generation to pursue qualities like strength, courage, integrity, etc. The Bible is filled with a collection of its own heroes that transcend time. They don’t fly through the air or wear a mask, but they certainly have done heroic things.

Abraham was a hero when he left his land, when he expected a child of promise at an old age, and when he offered up that child as a sacrifice. Moses was a hero when he chose to be mistreated as a Israelite rather than living as a Egyptian. He continued acting like a hero when he led the people across the dry land of the Red Sea. David was a hero when he faced the giant everyone else was hiding from. Samson was a hero when he used his strength to ­defeat the Philistines. The prophets were all heroes when they spoke a message that most didn’t want to hear.

How do we know these men were heroes? Because Hebrews 11 says they were men of great faith. They are men we should imitate.

Christians today fail to live heroic lives of faith because they dwell more on their problems than they do on their faith in the ability God has to work through them. All those men listed earlier had problems, too. Sometimes they are still viewed as failures. Abraham struggled with trusting God and telling the truth. Moses ran away from ­problems and told God, “No!” when he was called. David committed adultery and murder. Samson… well everyone knows what Samson struggled with. These great heroes of faith struggled just like you do.

Paul said God could do more in you than you can ask or think (Ephesians 3:20–21). He told the Philippian brethren that Jesus was the source of strength (Philippians 4:13). What does that mean? When you trust in God and choose to walk in faith, you can be a hero despite the mistakes you have made.

This world needs more heroes. It needs people who are willing to walk by faith and not by sight. It needs people who are willing to risk everything to glorify God. It needs people who know God is still powerful and does amazing things. It needs people who walk in heroic faith.

That can be you. Yes… even you. Will you choose to submit to God and live by faith so you can be the hero of faith in someone else’s life? Leave a heroic legacy. It starts today.