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“Daily Bible Reading February 20–26”

February 20: Numbers 27–28

  • What was Joshua chosen to do in Chapter 27?
  • How many animals were offered during the Passover? 

February 21: Numbers 29–31

  • What did God require of a man who made a vow? 
  • What was done with the spoils gathered from Midian?

February 22: Numbers 32–33

  • What was the agreement Moses made with Gad and Reuben?
  • What would happen if Israel did not drive out the inhabitants of Canaan?

February 23: Numbers 34–36

  • How many cities did the Levites receive? 
  • How many cities of refuge were there? What was their purpose? 

February 24: Deuteronomy 1–3

  • Why did Israel refuse to enter the land? How were they punished?
  • Why was Moses forbidden to enter the land?

February 25: Deuteronomy 4–6

  • What commands about teaching children are found in this section? 
  • What was the greatest commandment? 

February 26: Deuteronomy 7–9

  • What does it mean when we say Israel was God’s chosen people?
  • What was God afraid the people would do when they had received the land?