High Above the Seraphim

Just recently, I was complaining to my wife that the modern-day church has shifted in their taste in music. This is not a discussion of instrumentation versus non-instrumentation. Nor was it a discussion of modern versus traditional hymns. Rather, it seems to me that as a whole, the modern church has started to desire songs that focus on our unworthiness and helplessness. Don’t get me wrong—I believe this is a wonderful sign of humility and reflects the reality of our situation. Yet, there is something lost when we no longer sing anthems of victory and joy. Long lost are songs that celebrate our “Victory in Jesus” and our positive proclamations of “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.”

The morning of this discussion with Tiffany, we came to worship and Dan King led us in the song “High Above the Seraphim.” This anthem is based on the music by Chopin, but words were written by Craig Roberts. This words are worthy of reading again:


High above the seraphim

Sounds the everlasting hymn;

Voices echo thro’ the hall and shake the temple wall.

Living creatures bless the King,

Four and twenty elders sing,

“Worthy, He Who overcame;

The Word of God His name.”


Praise the Seed of Abraham!

All dominion to the Lamb!

Sing of Him, in glory slain, “Lord God Almighty reigns!”

Shout the God-breathed prophecy,

“He who was will ever be!”

Kings of earth have passed away!”

The Son is Lord this day!


Night to night I come to Him,

Kneel before His diadem;

While a thousand thousand sing, I fall before the King.

Soon will He be changing me,

Clothed in immortality,

Swallowed up in victory,

And evermore to be.

These lyrics are so worthy to be sung because they are words of praise, words of hope, and words of expectation. These words are pieced together expertly from different Scriptures and remind us that we will not only currently praise our King, but that He is being worshipped in Heaven right now. While we worship Him now, we will also one day worship Him eternally when we have experienced His victory.

While I love these songs that remind me of my humility, I especially the songs that mimic what we will be singing in Heaven. When I am standing before His throne one day, I won’t be singing songs about “where feet may fail and fear surrounds me,” and “Blessed Be Your Name” no matter how bad my experience in life has become. There will be no sorrow to sing about. Rather, we will be overcome with the joy of being His and being in His presence. We will be singing, “Worthy He Who overcame! The Word of God His name.” We will sing of victory! What a day to look forward to and what a blessing that God has allowed us to have a taste of that now in our worship and songs.