I don’t know if you’ll be amazed by this or not, but I couldn’t find a picture of our member today, even though He is the most important member of our flock. Let me tell you why:

He never misses a service. Jesus, even though He is often ignored by most of us members, attends every single ­service. When the doors are open, He is always one of the first people to walk in. He loves to talk about His Father, to praise the Father’s name, and to share stories about His Father’s love.

He worships in spirit and truth. This Jesus knows how to worship. He deeply pours His heart into the songs we sing, praising the glory of the Father, passionately telling the story of God’s salvation, even reliving the horros of the cross because that means He can also recall the overwhelming love of our King. When we all take the Lord’s Supper, He’s serving us like He served those men on the road to Emmaus.

He encourages those who listen. Jesus knows how to make you feel better. His words are life-giving. If you spend some time talking to Jesus, your life will be enriched beyond ­measure. Getting to know this member of our congregation can make the difference between heaven and hell for you. He knows how to stir up to love and good deeds.

He knows everyone. It is hard sometimes to get to know every member, but Jesus knows each one of us better than we even know ourselves. He can even tell you things about yourself that you don’t even know. He’s amazingly aware of your needs, how to meet those needs, and how to make sure you overcome your faults and grow into your strengths.

Jesus is truly present. We might not see Him physically, but we can picture those nail-scarred hands passing us the ­unleavened bread. To Him, prayers are always too short, He who regularly prayed all night. Songs are always too flat and unemotional, having heard the praise of angels in heaven. When we hear God’s Word, tuning in and out on those great messages, He remembers writing those Scriptures which we study. When we “give back a portion” from our ­blessings, He remembers giving up life in heaven, comfort in God’s presence, the peace of home to start His ministry, the commradery of friendships to be ­betrayed, and the joy of life as His life-blood dripped from His body on the cross.

Jesus is a great asset to our congregation and I hope you will get to know Him. He will be an amazing resource for you as you grow as a Christian. He will give you all of the time you need, listening to your hurts, rejoicing with your triumphs,  all to help you mature and grow. Find Jesus today in our crowd, sit with Him, and become better acquainted with Him. He’s worth knowing.