It Can Happen To You

This past week there was shocking news in the local sports arena. Head coach Hugh Freeze unexpectedly resigned Thursday night after Freeze was discovered to have contacted an escort service while out of town. This led to a discovery of what was described as a pattern of personal misconduct. 

Freeze’s story is very similar to that of King David. He found himself at the pinnacle of his career. It is an uncommon story for a high school coach to move quickly through the college ranks until he is coaching in the premier conference. Additionally, Freeze has enjoyed tremendous success at Ole Miss recently winning the Sugar Bowl for the first time since 1970. The accusations of recruiting violations were heavily tied to his success. 

Here is where the similarities of Freeze to David begin to appear. David attempted to cover up his mistake with Bathsheba as well (2 Sam. 11:6–13). When David’s plans failed, he went as far to cover up his sin by having Uriah placed in a position to die in battle (2 Sam. 11:14–25). Freeze attempted to cover up his mistakes, too. Rather than take ownership of alleged NCAA violations, Freeze accused former Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt. 

Nutt recently filed a lawsuit against Ole Miss and Freeze to clear his name from what he considered to be unfair and false accusations. Nutt’s lawyers petitioned cell phone records of Freeze which uncovered a phone call that turned out to be much more for Hugh Freeze. His deception and cover-up were exposed. Much like David’s was by Nathan (2 Sam. 12:1–13). 

David is forever known as a “man after God’s own heart” even after his sin with Bathsheba. Hugh Freeze was one of the more godly men of college football often posting scriptures and referring to his faith. Sadly, many are attacking Freeze for his downfall and counting his faith as a mockery. 

Here is the lesson of both David and Hugh Freeze. Even good men face tremendous temptation sexually. And often, they give in to those temptations. These good men are consumed with guilt but buried in sexual sin. Their first response is to cover it up and hide it—just like David and Coach Freeze. But as Num. 32:23 says, “...your sin will find you out.” Sins have a way of becoming public despite our best efforts to keep them hidden. 

Here is some unsolicited advice . . . instead of jumping on the anti-Freeze/Ole Miss bandwagon, learn a valuable lesson:


Any of us can be lured into a sinful lifestyle that consumes us. Satan is a skilled enemy who is strategically watching you and waiting to attack you a the perfect time (1 Pet. 5:8). In fact, he is a better fighter than you are. He can defeat in an one-on-one battle every time. You have no chance against him. You can only find victory through Jesus Christ and His people (Rom. 7:13–25; Gal. 6:1–2; James 5:16). 

Your sin may not be sexual sin. It may be greed. It may be alcohol or drugs. It may be habitual lying. Whatever it is, learn from Freeze and David. Your sin will find you out. Turn to God for victory.