The Great Thing About Good News

Imagine this:

Your college age son comes home with a smile he cannot get off his face. You can tell he’s doing his best not to burst, red-faced and bright-eyed. You try to ignore it but you can’t. You want to share his excitement, no matter what it is, so you finally beg him to tell you and he burst. He’s been accepted into the graduate program he’s been trying to get into for months. You find yourself jumping up and down in the living room with excitement for him.

Your daughter comes home crying, but you know this is not from sorrow. Her heart is not broken. To the contrary, these are tears of joy as she tells you she’s finally been asked. You knew it was coming since the young man had respectfully asked for your permission, but you’re thrilled for her. She’s met, dated, and now is being married to the man of her dreams. He’s also the man you dreamed of for your daughter.

You’ve been called into your boss’ office, but there's such excitement in the room that it is palpable. Before you can even sit down, you know good news is coming. He tells you his boss has announced his retirement and that he is taking that position in the company. You congratulate him, but it feels that the conversation is not over. He beats around the bush a bit, but soon he just comes out and asks. He wants to know if you’ll take his position as manager of your department.

Good news comes in many forms. Sometimes it small things, like a difficult day ending on a good note. Other times it is big things. Big news is hard to hold in because it seems to burst from you. Let me tell you—there’s no bigger good news than the Gospel.

You can have your past erased. You can have your mistakes forgotten. You can have your sins forgiven. You can have your heart made clean. You can experience salvation from the devil. You can overcome death. You can experience victory in this life. You can win.

“Therefore I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven—for she loved much. But he who is forgiven little, loves little” (Luke 7.47). When we realize how much we have been forgiven, how much we have benefited from the love of God, how much we have been transformed by the work of God He accomplishes through baptism, we will burst with good news to others. We will not be able to contain the good news, like the leper healed by Jesus (Mark 1.45). We will go out and “proclaim it freely” and “spread the news around” to such an extent that we will be known for our message and our passion for God.

The great thing about good news is that it cannot be contained. And there’s no greater news than the Gospel!